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The Golden Chalice Mystery School is the study, mentoring and training in The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy.  This course of study is available to both men and women.  Since July 2009 we have received requests to study in this lineage from  the US, Jamaica, France, Belgium, South Africa, South America, England, Costa Rica, Canada, Australia and Egypt.

Please read the “Introduction and Welcome Letter” below for the list of our Modules of Light.

Once you have reviewed the information you may contact us at for the application. Then we will proceed from there. This is a rich spiritual study in the Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of sacred sexual alchemy, mental mastery, ascension, money mastery and sacred currency. When integrated as a spiritual and energetic practice you will experience dynamic change and transformation in your relationships and in your spiritual, physical, and financial energy systems.

Here are the steps to becoming a Golden Chalice Mystery School student:

  1. Read the “Introduction and Welcome Letter” below.
  2. Request and fill out the application.
  3. Read, sign and submit the Confidentiality and Disclosure letter.
  4. Schedule your spiritual assessment and first mentoring session.
  5. Pay the non-refundable tuition.

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Joy and Prosperity to you,

Ayanna, Avatar of Love

Director, The Golden Chalice Mystery School

Founder, The Path of the Magdalen



The Golden Chalice Mystery School

Introduction and Welcome Letter

Dear Prospective Student –

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in The Golden Chalice Mystery School. We are honored that you are considering this path as the next step in your spiritual development. The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to the school, the details of our curriculum and the options for study.

The basis of our teachings is The Path of the Magdalen, the Magdalen Egyptian Isis lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy. This is a path of high alchemy, ascension, mastery and wealth. The alchemical energy we integrate throughout the entire curriculum is powerful, pristine, and rarified. The Golden Chalice Mystery School, or TGCMS, is the vehicle used to spread these teachings, train those called to higher service and initiate those on The Path. For those called to be Initiates, women are mentored as Priestesses and men as White Dragons.

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, we believe that you will find these studies will enrich and transform your life.

There are three levels of study: The Initiate, The Master, and The Adept. The curriculum for the Initiate includes 12 Modules of Light; one module a month for 12 months. Modules 13 and 14 are optional.

The following is the curriculum for Initiates:

Module 1 – Introduction to The Path of the Magdalen

Module 2 – Foundations: Sacred Sexual Alchemy and the Magdalen Egyptian Isis Mysteries

Module 3 – Mental Mastery and The Power of Words

Module 4 – Money Mastery and Sacred Currency

Module 5 – Sacred Sexuality, Womb, Yoni and Lingam Healing

Module 6 – Sacred Relationships

Module 7 – Nutrition, Water and Solar Nourishment

Module 8 – Sex Magic of Isis

Module 9 – Pathway to Ascension

Module 10 – The Alchemy of Planetary Ecology

Module 11 – Sustainable Business and Sacred Commerce

Module 12 – The Alchemy of Sacred Service


Module 13 – Art as an Oracle and Alchemical Tool

Module 14 – Independent Study and Apprenticeship


At this time private mentoring is being offered. A minimum three-month commitment is required.

The mentoring is a combination of online, Skype, email correspondence, and in-person teachings when possible. With your permission, Rev. Ayanna will work with your energetic field to facilitate effective change and rapid transformations. She will engage in your dream time, and assign White Dragons to guard and protect your energy field as you integrate the energy. Initiations are in person.

Tuition discussed upon inquiry.

To register, please fill out and submit the Application for Study.

Upon receipt of the application we will review of your Application. You will be contacted to schedule your personal interview, Spiritual Assessment, and review your intentions for this path of study.  At this time you will receive Module 1: Introduction to The Path of the Magdalen.

In the meantime, please keep checking the website for other resources to support your studies such as blogs, downloads, links and YouTube. We encourage you to join our Facebook group, The Golden Chalice, and jump into the conversation.

Congratulations on taking this important next step in your spiritual evolution. We are excited and honored to have you join our growing international community on The Path of the Magdalen.

Blessings of Joy!

Ayanna, Avatar of Love

Director, The Golden Chalice Mystery School




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