Sacred Union & The 5th Dimensional Relationship


Sacred Union goes beyond just the words… When Two become One Sacred Union creates an energetic force.

 Your union has the power of atomic fusion and affects all around you – including the Earth and Universe.

Your ego dissolves. You see through God’s eyes, feel, hear, touch through the Divine.

“When you are engaged in intimate communion you are no longer cautious about giving your love to your intimate partner. You gift your partner with your uninhibited and free love that flows from your sexual essence without fear, without doubt, and without shutting down. Not shutting down is really the test isn’t it?”
~ Excerpt from “The New 5th Dimensional Relationship” Ayanna, Avatar of Love

 “Within the 5th Dimensional Relationship there is sacredness and safety, a place where you feel free to yield and open your heart so wide, that Love can truly come in and heal those areas that may still want to hide. Layers of masks come off. Your face melts and softens. Your heart opens. If you hold back you resist Love and may not reach the true blessing of the relationship. But that’s what we do. We hide and protect those places where we feel vulnerable. When we hide and protect our heart the greatest expression of love cannot come through.” ~ Excerpt from book, The 5th Dimensional Relationship” by Ayanna, Avatar of Love

 Stay in Love. Stay in Bliss. Stay in Joy!



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