What Do Men Want?


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Hello My Brothers,
Thank you for taking the time to respond to the question “What do Men Want?” Ten of you responded. Your answers were intelligent, heart felt and thoughtful. Again, thank you from me and the many Precious Sisters I am honored to inspire, teach and mentor. You, men in our community, are conscious, cultural creatives, intelligent, sexy, talented, “spiritual” and shifting powerfully into this New Earth Paradigm. May we/I continue to inspire you into your most magnificent expression yet!

Two of your responses are shared here. Women what do you think? How do you feel?

I/men want to be accepted fully for who we are, how we act, what we are thinking/feeling/processing. I want unconditional love. We want to be challenged but also embraced. I want my own space, and to have my woman not only be okay with that, but be fully supportive of it. We want to know that even if we completely f*ck up, we will still be loved and accepted and forgiven. I want to be acknowledged for all the thoughtful, wonderful, amazing things I do.

Hope that helps!


Hi Ayanna,
Glad to give you my brief thoughts … thanks for asking.
We want a woman that respects us first … then is nurturing and caring second.
We want a woman that speaks her mind to tell us how she is feeling.
We want a woman that keeps the agreements she makes.
We want a woman that is a lady out in public, a partner in our home, and a slut in the bedroom..
We want a confidant, best friend, and a partner.
It is through our lover that the divine light of the goddess shines through.
Respectfully yours,


I have the opportunity to speak to men on a Global level and want to be sure I address what Conscious men really want to know regarding the topic of intimacy, relationships & sexuality. There are many great teachers, books and “how to’s” out there and I wonder what more I can bring to the table to inspire you to be EVEN MORE of your most magnificent self in this 21st century. “What do you want?” “What do you really want to hear? “How can the Divine Feminine support you? “What topics are of HIGH interest?” I’m still taking responses. Thanks for taking time out to respond.”

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