Quantum Holographic Template & White Dragon Essence


Hello Radiant One,

(Note that there are two offerings in this email that you DEFINITELY want to include for your spiritual and energetic tune up, upgrade and maintenance).


Here’s what’s up.

First, Wow! This Summer Solstice energy was powerful and what I experienced was quite unexpected. After two weeks of agonizingly deep inner nether world transformation (including deep sobs, spontaneous detox and release of global and personal grief) I was gifted quantum holographic templates to shift and clear glitches in energetic systems QUICKLY and easily… without running energy!!


This holographic technology goes beyond what we have experienced within our current matrix.  This goes beyond mental, emotional and energy healing. Through this technology one can clear decades, life times and generational patterns and blue prints that have kept us from evolving into our most magnificent expansive Self.


There’s so much to share on this, but for now I want you to know that I am currently offering “sessions” for $225. On July 1st the sessions go up to $250. These are distance sessions that go beyond time and space. You do not have to be present. Once you book a session you will be sent the date and time that I will “work” with your quantum holographic imprint. When the “session” is complete you will receive an email with details and follow up protocol.


You can prepay for your session with this link now. http://goo.gl/PqoEMf


Second, in honor of the Feast Day of Mary Magdalen, July 22nd, She as inspired me to release and make available two highly alchemical anointing oils: “Esencia de Magdalena” for women and “White Dragon Essence” for men. Each vial of alchemically blended anointing oil is $150 + tax and shipping. Only 12 vials will be created during this cycle.


Why invest in “Esencia de Magdalena” or “White Dragon Essence”? You become aligned with and attuned to the higher Magdalen-Yeshua Christed energies, which include higher frequencies of Love, Power and Wealth within the New Earth Paradigm.


With each order you receive:

  1. Alchemically blended anointing oil charged by the Full Moon cycle and special crystals.
  2. Your special personalized written message from The Magdalen, Yeshua or both.
  3. Anointed Cloth for your altar infused with prayers and intentions of Love, Power and Wealth.


To order your oils go to this link now. http://goo.gl/8pl5dk


We are in for an amazing ride and I would be delighted if you joined me by preparing with these tools to take you to the next quantum leap in your evolutionary expansion.


Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming online mini Webinars where I share more on and transmit the energy of these quantum holographic templates.


My love & Joy to you,

Ayanna, Avatar of Love

Author, Spiritual Advisor, Evolutionary Leader